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🧪 Version 0.2.2 is our alpha release candidate. Please send us bug reports and suggestions!


Creative coding and interactive science everywhere for everyone: web, desktop, mobile, Jupyter, and more. Open source!
Creative coding library for everyone in Python targeting all platforms.
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Sketchingpy offers flexible and portable creative coding tools for Python. This free community resource empowers all skill levels to develop programs and, with minimal to no modification needed, deploy them to desktop, web, mobile, Jupyter notebooks, servers, and more. Offering a beginner-friendly experience but packing enough power for seasoned experts, this open source library supports diverse projects such as data visualization, interactive science, and digital art. Install or learn more.

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import sketchingpy import time # Make the sketch sketch = sketchingpy.Sketch2D(500, 500) sketch.clear('#F0F0F0') sketch.clear_fill() sketch.set_angle_mode('degrees') start_time = time.time() def draw(sketch): """Draw sketch""" mouse = sketch.get_mouse() x = mouse.get_pointer_x() y = mouse.get_pointer_y() # Draw from center to the user's mouse (or location of tap on mobile) sketch.set_stroke_weight(1) sketch.set_stroke('#33333350') sketch.draw_line(x, y, 250, 250) # Draw arc sketch.set_stroke_weight(10) sketch.set_stroke('#A0A0C010') start_angle = (time.time() - start_time) * 30 sketch.draw_arc(250, 250, 200, 200, start_angle, start_angle + 2) # Register the draw method and show sketch.on_step(draw) sketch.show()
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